[2015 F/W Fashion Week] Inspirations for London



最近對於白色完全無法招架的貓人,被J. JS Lee的精緻、透明感十足白色裝束深深吸引住了!不過最喜歡寶座還是給了優雅可愛又俏皮的Mulberry,這季也充滿趣味!灰白棉質格紋套裝直接想打包回家。

Let’s see the extraordinary checks is still the main design for 2015 F/W London Fashion Week. It appears not only in simple coat, outer, skirts, but also inner of coats, jumpsuits.

Colors like burgundy red, dark navy blue, normcore grey are popular among this season.

Suits from J. JS Lee are sooooo delicate, sophisticated, pure, which really stunned me!

However, mine favorite one is “Mulberry” for its elegant, fun, chic styles.

See more on My pinterest album for 2015 F/W London

Text/ Dawn Kuo

Photos/ ELLE TAIWAN, Imaxtree

Author: Dawn Kuo

如貓般陰晴不定,沈溺於品嚐服裝、音樂、旅行,嗜花維生。 Moody like a cat, addicted to garment, music, travel, botanic. Contact: dawn.kuo91@gmail.com

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