[2015 F/W Fashion Week] Inspirations for New York




這一次的紐約時裝周,最喜歡的牌子是Victoria Beckham。


2015 F/W New York Fashion Week, colors are basically black, grey related. However, most interesting of all is that the color white still is the hottest trend from 2014, even to 2015 fall/winter.

As to the shoes, flats like oxford, loafer are good choices for balancing every looks. It seems that the neutral style is still trendy.

My favorite one is Victoria Beckham for 2015 NYFW.

Since Victoria Beckham launched her personal own fashion brand, I am so impressed with her simple, neutral, classic, modern designs. So does this season.

See more on My pinterest album for 2015 F/W NYFW

Text/ Dawn Kuo

Photos/ ELLE Taiwan, Imaxtree

Author: Dawn Kuo

如貓般陰晴不定,沈溺於品嚐服裝、音樂、旅行,嗜花維生。 Moody like a cat, addicted to garment, music, travel, botanic. Contact: dawn.kuo91@gmail.com

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