Grey Time for Chinese New Year




Although the color RED is always the symbol of Chinese New Year, which represents good luck, wishes, it’s still not what I can stand for.

Recently, black, white, grey becomes my favorites.

Simple colors, simple concept of life, thoughts…now I only wish to cherish what I have…simply own.




Say goodbye to the year of horse, and then welcome the goat year!


I went to uncle’s private tiny farm this holiday, saw Taiwanese goats, cattles, grass field, enjoyed a great time.

CatHuman_2015022009 CatHuman_2015022008 CatHuman_2015022007 CatHuman_2015022006


And of course, the New Year’s Eve Feast!!!



Text, Photo/ Dawn Kuo

I was wearing

Top/ Tastemaker

Shoes/ ZARA

Author: Dawn Kuo

如貓般陰晴不定,沈溺於品嚐服裝、音樂、旅行,嗜花維生。 Moody like a cat, addicted to garment, music, travel, botanic. Contact:

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