Black Humor



” Black Humor ” was coined in 1935s, became prominence in 1960-70s of American literature, film, which was after Korean war, time of Vietnam Conflict, era of prosperity as well. In this kind of time of  contradiction, chaos, ” Black Humor ” represents the culture of sarcasm, exposing the taboos of realities.  The negative “Black” and the joyful “Humor”, were generated simultaneously.



If getting tired of those boring white shirt, then put on those surprising black lace top outer of it.


Same as black humor, daring to uncover, experiment.



Meanwhile, never forget to be humorous, vintage thick heel and modern pointed toe are combined as easy as you’ve never thought of.



Text, photo/ Dawn Kuo

I was wearing

Lace Top/ Tastemaker

Mary Jane high heel/ Marjorie

Author: Dawn Kuo

如貓般陰晴不定,沈溺於品嚐服裝、音樂、旅行,嗜花維生。 Moody like a cat, addicted to garment, music, travel, botanic. Contact:

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