Bitter sweet Transform

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Girl transformed into a woman. The transform is like the adolescence age, looking forward to future, but embarrassing.

After graduation from collage, girls transform into women in reality. Life becomes more challenging for new work, new environment, new life, and responsibility towards life.

Somebody may say girls becomes materialistic, selfish. Girls say that they just want reliable men.

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I am also a 23-year-old girl, now experiencing the transformation into a woman.

At the age of 17, I could be crazy in love with a decadent artist, who was living in shabby old house.

At the age of 23, I am not able to be “crazy” for love, but to admire for his insistence. I would question for his responsibility of enjoying life as well.

The most simple principle, to enjoy life, and set family’s mind at ease.

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One piece of tweed dress, a pair of peach blossom pumps.

Yummy green apple, white lace combines with the lady tweet material. The pink pumps brings out chic and maturity.

This simple mix is just enough for a transforming girl. Life is bitter, sweet as well.

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I look forward to the future, just as usual.

CatHuman Blog 2014060810

Text/ Dawn Kuo

Photo/ Mori

Place/ Rainbow Park

Dress/ Tastesmaker

Shoes/ Zara

Nail, Pink Eyeline/ 3 Concept Eyes

Author: Dawn Kuo

如貓般陰晴不定,沈溺於品嚐服裝、音樂、旅行,嗜花維生。 Moody like a cat, addicted to garment, music, travel, botanic. Contact:

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